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About Warren Lodge

Amidst the beauty of the River Thames, Warren Lodge is renowned for its welcoming hospitality, river side views and prime proximity to the bustling heart of London. 

Our 50 bedrooms offer comfort and convenience for travellers and our restaurant is known locally, for offering freshly prepared, locally sourced food at great value with exceptional service.  

A storied past

Our journey through time begins in the 18th century when the earliest sections of the hotel were born from the dreams of a private residence. Dating back to around 1700, this historic gem has witnessed centuries of change while retaining its timeless charm.

However, the true historical marvel of our hotel is the majestic Mulberry tree, that graces our garden. In the 16th century, the illustrious Cardinal Wolsey, then Lord Chancellor of England, undertook the grand task of rebuilding Hampton Court Palace, a few miles downstream from the hotel. He ordered the planting of Mulberry trees along the Thames, ensuring he could take pleasure from him favourite fruit during his travels along the river. 

Today, our Mulberry tree stands as one of the few remaining witnesses to this bygone era, showcasing its age with grace. Though it has required recent support, this resilient tree continues to bear fruit each year, often lending its sweetness to our delicious desserts.

A photograph featuring Alison Gordon and her uncle, Douglas Gordon, the visionary founder of Warren Lodge.

A glimpse into romance and history

In the 18th century, when Sir William and Lady Hamilton resided at nearby Halliford House, it is believed that the oldest part of our hotel served as their charming fishing lodge. Lady Hamilton’s name echoes in history for her legendary romance with Lord Horatio Nelson, the iconic hero of Trafalgar, immortalised atop Nelson’s Column in London. Local lore suggests that Warren Lodge was a cherished rendezvous for Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton during their courtship, a love story that has left an indelible mark on British history.

From its origins as a private residence, Warren Lodge evolved into an inn with a few guest rooms above. Subsequent expansions in the 1960s and 1970s transformed it into the expansive hotel you see today.

Hollywood by the Thames

With the world-renowned Shepperton Studios just around the corner, this area once sparkled as the “Hollywood of Great Britain.” Countless British films and records were created within the studio’s walls over the years, attracting a parade of celebrated actors and musicians to our hotel. From Laurence Olivier to Kirk Douglas and from Cliff Richard to The Who, Warren Lodge has been graced by the presence of entertainment legends.

As you explore our hotel, let your imagination wander through time. You may find yourself walking in the footsteps of Cardinal Wolsey, Lord Nelson, or even the maestro of comedy, John Cleese. 


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